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STAR is not enough

STAR is Not Enough: Tips For Behavioral Interview Questions

In the competitive world of job interviews, the traditional STAR method often falls short in behavioral interviews, particularly for roles requiring complex problem-solving and leadership skills. Enter the SCRIPT framework – a nuanced approach that enhances your responses to behavioral interview questions. SCRIPT, standing for Story Title, Context Explanation, Role Definition, Issue Identification, Problem-solving Actions, and Tangible Outcomes, offers a comprehensive structure to showcase your skills and experiences effectively. Ideal for job seekers and new hires, SCRIPT helps articulate your responses with greater detail, emphasizing specific actions and positive outcomes. Adopt this framework in your next interview and share your experiences – let’s revolutionize how we approach behavioral interview questions together!

Technical Program Manager Salary: A Comprehensive Guide

Technical Program Manager Salary: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigate the complexities of a Technical Program Manager salary with our in-depth guide. Learn to maximize your earnings through strategic negotiation of base pay, stock options, and bonuses. This resource is tailored for TPM professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of the tech industry’s compensation trends and secure a salary that reflects their critical role and expertise.

My Experience As A Microsoft Product Manager

My Experience As A Microsoft Product Manager: A Deep Dive

Dive deep into the life of a Microsoft Product Manager as I share my personal experiences and insights from working in Windows, Azure, and Skype. Explore the challenges and rewards of a role that blends product and program management, and see how it compares to my time at Amazon and Google. This comprehensive reflection provides a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of product management within one of the tech industry’s giants.

Google vs Amazon vs Microsoft PM Roles

Google vs Amazon vs Microsoft PM Roles: A Deep Dive

Dive into the intricacies of Product Management across three tech giants: Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Drawing from firsthand experience in all three companies, this post unveils the unique responsibilities, cultures, and compensation each behemoth offers. Get unparalleled insights into the differences and similarities shaping the PM role in these companies.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Product Manager Interview Books

My Handpicked List of the Best Product Manager Interview Books

In the dynamic landscape of PM interviews, every question, every challenge is an opportunity to shine. As I dived into the world of Product Manager interview books, seeking answers and strategies, I discovered more than just knowledge: I found a roadmap. This curated guide of Product Manager interview books is a reflection of that journey, and a roadmap for fellow PM enthusiasts.

Optimizing GMAT Preparation: A Guide to Elevating Your Score

Optimizing GMAT Preparation: Expert Strategies for Top Scores

The GMAT exam is a stepping stone for many engineers towards their dream of attending a prestigious business school. The MBA will allow them to combine their existing technical skills with business skills. The combination is indeed very powerful.

However, with countless resources available, how do you decide which ones to use as part of your GMAT preparation? I embarked on a similar journey, navigating through a sea of study materials, practices, and mock tests. Today, I’m sharing my step-by-step process, highlighting the resources I found most useful.