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Inside the Culture of the Top Tech Companies

Inside the Culture of the Top Tech Companies

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In my previous post titled “Salaries for Software Engineers are On FIRE!” I compared the compensation packages for the top high-tech companies. However, high compensation is not the only reason to join a specific company. In this post I will provide a detailed comparison of the culture in the top tech companies (FAANGM: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft). As I discussed in my previous post, my suggestion to Software Engineers in order to maximize their income is to work in a top-paying tech company. The goal of this post is to help find the best corporate fit based on each person’s criteria.

The content of this post is based on my own experiences, as well as on discussions with my contacts in each company.

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Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything – for better or for worse.

Simon Sinek

Comparison matrix

Balance (average)
Not Good Not Good Not Good GreatGreat
High PIP RateYesYesNoYesNoNo
pay percentile
Stock RefresherHighLowHighNoneHighLow
Bottom-up decisionsTop-downTop-down Top-down Yes Yes, eng- driven Top-
Internal information flowHighLowLowLowHighHigh
FoodFreeNoneSub-sidized FreeFreeSub-sidized

FastSlowNo promosSlowSlow
Mega backdoor RothYesNoYesYesYesYes
(up to 7% of pay)
3-year vest period

(up to 4% of pay)
50% (up to 6% of pay)100% (up to 4% of pay) 50% (up to $9k)


(up to $3k)
(up to

In summary

  • Facebook
    • Pros: Great pay, “move fast and break things” mentality
    • Cons: Up-or-out culture, high PIP rate
  • Amazon
    • Pros: Good pay for those who stay 4+ years, great stock growth, fast promotions
    • Cons: Bad work-life balance, competitive culture, high PIP rate, high attrition, most sign-on RSUs vesting on 3rd and 4th year of employment (vesting schedule: 5%/15%/40%/40% each year), 401k match vests only after 3 years, salary capped at $160k, Total Compensation Target (TCT) means that performance refreshers might be minimal/zero for high performers due to increases in the stock price that was awarded
  • Apple
    • Pros: Good pay
    • Cons: Secretive culture, bad work-life balance
  • Netflix
    • Pros: Top-of-the-market compensation (cash-only), bottoms-up culture
    • Cons: Bad work-life balance, high PIP rate
  • Google
    • Pros: Great pay, great work-life balance, engineering-driven bottoms-up culture
    • Cons: Slow promotions
  • Microsoft
    • Pros: Great work-life balance (also known as the “country club”)
    • Cons: Low pay, slow promotions

Additional information

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  5. Netflix
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  6. Google
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